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    Want your ad to have more visibility?

    Now you can have your ad on the top of category 'Working Machine parts' of Nettivaraosa.com.

    Pay using web bank
    Log in and click "Buy here" link. Select which ad you want to have more visibility and quantity of purchases. You can also add more visibility by giving your ad-Id without logging in.


    Send sms

    Npc 14C 110011 to number 16303 (Note 110011 is example ID)

    where number 110011 means Nettivaraosa.com's PartID -number and 14C shows the category of ad. 14C displays your part in category Working Machine parts. You can find PartID from confirmation e-mail that you have received after posting part.

    When message is send purchase is done, your part will be added to queue and an ad will be shown for at least two hours on top of the category Working Machine parts. Placement of the ad in the available slots is random and it cannot be affected.

    The ad will display a picture of your part with details and price information. Above of the part pictures you can see number of ads that are in the queue.

    Every part is shown for at least two hours, depending on number of part images in the queue. Images are replaced with ones in the queue once every hour, except between 24:00 .. 08:00.

    To ensure image clarity, we reserve the right to remove manipulated images from SMS purchases.

    Service fee is 3,00 euros and it will be charged in your mobile bill account.

    SMS service operates with these mobile operators: Telia, DNA, Elisa, Saunalahti, Tele Finland, GoMobile, Aina, Kolumbus.

    SMS service is accomplished co-operation with Gameleo Systems. http://www.gameleo.fi.
    If any problems, please contact us through feedback page.

    Payment Service Provider (Netbanks)

    Paytrail Oyj (FI2122839) provides netbank related payment transfer services in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For consumer the service works exactly the same way as traditional web payments.

    Get your ad on top of category Working Machine parts
    and it will be noticed...
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